About Us

About Us

What makes us different?

There are several major benefits of choosing us for your next stone contract, such as our in-house design team and £10m PI cover, but if we're brutally honest, other contractors can offer you similar benefits.

So what truly sets us apart from our competitors?

Firstly, we have a rare ability to develop long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships through co-operation rather than confrontation. This is demonstrated with a customer approval rating of 100% and 87% repeat business.

When everyone is under pressure to deliver, relationships can deteriorate and project teams can become overly contractual. We're not claiming to be unaffected, but we prefer to find alternative solutions. Over the years, our pro-active philosophy has diffused many potential conflicts, and won us many friends.

How does this benefit you?

Rather than focusing on conflicts, our on-site team will do more than any other to ensure your stonework package is delivered on time and on budget.

"I have never worked with a more honorable and pleasant team."  Kit Chung, Project Manager for Como.


Secondly, at our core we are a team of stone masons with decades of practical experience. Six of our managers/directors are fully qualified stone masons, and this includes our two founding directors, Barry Putney and Andy Wood. Time and time again we have proved that sometimes a stone mason can find solutions when others can't.

If you need legal representation in a property dispute, you will choose a firm with lawyers that are qualified in property law, not someone qualified in personal injury or family disputes. If the stonework is a key element of your project, doesn't it make sense to apply the same logic?

How does this benefit you?

Our in-depth understanding of stone masonry means we can provide creative, cost-effective solutions that will save you time and money.

"Putney & Wood performed extremely well to achieve the high quality workmanship our client expects."  Steve Arthrell, Project Director for Skanska.

If you’re considering stonework for a current or future project, feel free to call or email us, or take a look at our case studies to find out more about our experience.